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Baden-Württemberg Industry Association CEO visits Penza

17:42 | 25.04.2016 | Society


Penza, 25 April 2016. PenzaNews. Wolfgang Wolf, CEO of the Industry Association of Baden-Württemberg, has made his first business visit to Penza.

Baden-Württemberg Industry Association CEO visits Penza

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During the visit, he with the regional governor Ivan Belozertsev at the gubernatorial house on Monday, April 25, to discuss potential areas of mutual cooperation.

In his welcoming word, Ivan Belozertsev stressed that the Penza region has interest in developing trade and economic relations with Germany and other European countries.

To confirm his words, he highlighted several examples of successful cooperation of the region with its German partners, such as the Mayak enterprise.

“Some European products already disappeared from Russia, as our production has surpassed them by price and quality and enjoys great demand,” the governor said in his remark about Penza-made wallpaper.

Also, Ivan Belozertsev told the guest about the military-industrial enterprises that were tasked to produce non-military goods that would find demand both in Russia and abroad.

Alongside that, the head of the region placed particular emphasis on the work to create technoparks and support the agricultural industry – two of the state’s priority objectives.

In turn, Wolfgang Wolf pointed out that he had already had an opportunity to see the work of local hi-tech enterprises during his visit to a Penza technopark, and congratulated the regional authorities with their successes in the medical field which he closely relates to due to his work.

“I already see the basis for further cooperation in this area,” he stressed.

Also, the CEO of the Industry Association of Baden-Württemberg described the economy of his region, the large enterprises that gained worldwide popularity, and the advantages of setting up small and medium enterprises that became the object of close attention.

“Just like the Penza region, we have no mineral resources of our own, so we focus on highly skilled professionals that are able to implement innovations,” he pointed out.

Moreover, Wolfgang Wolf stressed that his current visit to the Penza region was not the last, and expressed hope for establishing a long-standing and fruitful mutual cooperation.

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