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“Equipment for the Benefit” program announces new people to receive computers

12:09 | 26.04.2016 | Society


Penza, 26 April 2016. PenzaNews. The expert board of the charity program “Equipment for the Benefit,” a PenzaNews initiative implemented by the Civil Union foundation since 2009, has determined a list of people to receive computers free of charge during the session held on Monday, April 25.

“Equipment for the Benefit” program announces new people to receive computers

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The board decided to respond to 9 requests out of 20, based on available equipment and the queue.

In particular, computers will be provided to: Yulia Kochelaevskaya, mother of many children from Verkhny Lomov; Evgenia Spadopulo, pensioner; Galina Arkhangelskaya and Nina Shabunya, volunteers of “Serebryanaya Pora” group; Svetlana Geichenko and Victor Bakchin, people with disabilities. In addition, the latter will also receive a set of PC speakers and a wireless phone set.

Moreover, the latter two recipients will get their computers along with printers.

One more computer will be donated to the administration of the Penza region Civic Chamber, as per the earlier request submitted to the Civil Union foundation by the institution’s head Tatyana Chernetsova.

Alongside that, the Penza Regional Union of Parents of Children With Disabilities will receive a laptop PC, and the regional branch of the Women’s Movement of Russia will get a copier.

In conclusion of the “Equipment for the Benefit” expert board session, the project’s founder and PenzaNews editor-in-chief Pavel Polosin thanked everyone who provided their help to the people who are unable to purchase computers on their own due to financial problems.

“It is crucial to see people truly wish to help others. I am very thankful not only to those who donate the equipment, but also to the volunteers who check and update the computers before giving them a second life,” he said.

Moreover, in his speech about the activities of the expert board, Pavel Polosin suggested that it may soon expand through new people wishing to contribute to development of “Equipment for the Benefit” joining its ranks.

“We had discussed this issue with the colleagues back in January, and now we came to a conclusion that there must be more members of the expert board. More than that, in our opinion, the board requires new members from the companies that specialize in the equipment or are able to provide vehicles for transportation. We frequently encounter problems with shipping computers not just to the office of the Civil Union foundation for the obligatory check, but also to their recipients, as the people who are requesting the computers are often unable to pick them up on their own,” the PenzaNews editor-in-chief concluded.

The charity program “Equipment for the Benefit,” a PenzaNews initiative implemented by the Civil Union foundation since December 2009, seeks to help everyone who require second-hand operational computers.

Over the span of the program, more than 200 computers and computer accessories were donated to over 100 recipients – families in difficult life situations, people with disabilities and insufficient finances, and non-commercial organizations that help develop the civil community.

The list of equipment contributors of the “Equipment for the Benefit” program includes: PenzaNews, Penza branch of Rostelecom, Penza branch of Megafon, Menupnz.ru leisure sites portal, individual entrepreneur S.V. Bichinov, Elkom shopping center, Penza Duma deputy of 4th and 5th convocations Alexander Seynov, political analyst Anatoly Bodrov, Children’s Social Security Union, “Istok,” “Penza-Sport” online news source, companies “Bayt” and “ProSTO,” Penza City Bureau of Technical Inventory, companies “Volgostalmontazh,” “ARN-Auditor,” “SKB Amrita,” “Krug,” “Kristall,” “KODEX-Penza,” A. Breusov’s private art workshop, Penza branch of Rostekhinventarizatsiya, companies “Flak Soft,” “Svyatozar,” “Penzagroproekt,” “Penzensky Business Journal,” “Partner-Audit,” Penza branch of Sberbank, rights activist Yuri Voblikov, companies “Penznefteprodukt,” “Okruzhnost,” “Electromekhanika,” “Consult-Group,” Rostum Group, regional branch of the Modern Educational Technologies Development Institute, Maxim Kharlamov, Andrei Nazemnov, Dmitry Yaschenko, Tatyana Kalyamina, entrepreneurs Vadim Busarov, Lev Kozlov and Igor Zhulimov, designer Mikhail Inyushkin, as well as Polina Kozlova and Sofya Negresku of the Civil Union foundation.

The members of the “Equipment for the Benefit” expert board are: project founder and PenzaNews editor-in-chief Pavel Polosin, executive director of the Civil Union foundation Oleg Sharipkov, head of the press service at the Penza branch of Rostelecom Alexei Makarov, and Bank Kuznetsky’s chief expert in analysis, planning, marketing and advertising Maria Davydova.

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