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Penza citizens celebrate Spring and Labor Day with public rally on Lenina square

11:45 | 01.05.2016 | Society


Penza, 1 May 2016. PenzaNews. People from all four Penza city areas took part in the official public rally dedicated to Spring and Labor Day held in the morning of Sunday, May 1.

Penza citizens celebrate Spring and Labor Day with public rally on Lenina square

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The workers, state servants and school and university students began assembling into two columns on Moskovskaya street at 9.00, carrying banners, balloons and flowers.

One of the columns, for people from Zheleznodorozhny and Leninsky city areas, assembled by the regional Lunacharsky Drama Theater, while the other – for Pervomaisky and Oktyabrsky city areas – gathered higher on the street.

The first column also featured the top officials of PEnza and the region, including the governor Ivan Belozertsev, the regional Legislative Assembly deputy chairman Valery Lidin, the mayor Victor Kuvaytsev and the city head Valery Savelyev.

As the two columns approached the Lenina square, they joined into one as a symbol of unity.

The event master introduced each of the city areas from the stage at the square, and reminded the audience of the most significant achievements of the city’s leading companies and enterprises.

The first to address the citizens and visitors of the city was the head of the region Ivan Belozertsev, who congratulated all with Spring and Labor Day, and extended an additional congratulation with the Orthodox Easter.

“On Spring and Labor Day, people gather at the squares to show their achievements in work and demonstrate their dedication to development of Russia,” said the governor, and reminded that May 1 always remained one of Russians’ most beloved celebrations.

At present, the country takes to great measures to be a world power, he stressed.

“Russia can be strong only when our economy is strong, when industries work, when agricultural enterprises get restored and show good results, when small and medium enterprises work and the education system releases skilled professionals,” Ivan Belozertsev added.

During the governor’s speech, a strong gust of wind suddenly tore off a United Russia banner from the flagpole installed at the edge of the stage. Yuri Dvoryaninov, the head of the regional party branch’s executive committee, who stood in the first rows in the crowd, was the first to react: he picked up the flag from the ground, folded it neatly and returned back to place. The shaken flagpole was removed soon after. The incident did not affect the speeches in any way.

In conclusion of his speech, Ivan Belozertsev urged Penza region citizens to unite to deal with the yet unsolved relevant issues in healthcare, education and industry.

“From the bottom of my heart, I wish you happiness, love, prosperity, good mood, sound health! Happy First of May! Glory to Russia, glory to Penza!” he said.

Following him, a number of prominent people, such as the city head Valery Savelyev, representatives of worker unions and workers themselves, also congratulated people from the stage.

The official part was followed by performances of Penza’s leading musical ensembles and performance, starting with the singer Albert Ibraev.

After walking off the stage, Ivan Belozertsev went inside the square, paying attention to everyone who wanted to congratulate him in person or make a photo together.

In an unusual turn compared to other events of such rank, the head of the region was mostly approached with photo requests by seniors rather than youth, and all of them got their opportunity to take a picture with the governor.

Soon after, the crowd at the square began to dissipate: some remained to watch the performances, while others preferred to walk along the Moskovskaya street or take a sit in one of the nearby cafes.

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