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Ivan Belozertsev congratulates Penza region citizens with Victory Day

09:18 | 09.05.2016 | Society


Penza, 9 May 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has congratulated the citizens of the region with Victory Day celebrated on Monday, May 9.

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev

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“Each of us feels proud for their grandfathers and great-grandfathers, for the veterans who gave us a gift of being able to live, and work, in a free Russia, country of the victors! The Great Victory salute was fired 71 years ago. It was the Victory in a terrible war, with no equal in its toll of deaths and injuries for the humanity. It was the Soviet soldier who surpassed the immense challenges and losses, and liberated the world from fascists in the spring of 1945,” noted the head of the region.

The Penza region citizens also made a significant contribution to the way towards the Great Victory, he reminded.

“Thousands of our compatriots received military awards for their feats of valor, hundreds became Heroes of the Soviet Union and earned Orders of Glory of all degrees. More than 300,000 Penza region people left for the warfronts; 200,000 of them did not return to their homes. We bow down for those who gave their lives to protect the Fatherland. May we never forget all who defended the independence of our great Motherland in fierce combat,” Ivan Belozertsev stressed.

The governor expressed utmost gratitude to the workers of the homefront who strengthened the defence of the country through their heavy labor.

“I bow to you, our dear veterans! From the bottom of my heart, my dear friends, I wish you sound health, happiness and peaceful skies!” Ivan Belozertsev said.

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