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Thousands Penza citizens join “Immortal Regiment” campaign

11:31 | 09.05.2016 | Society


Penza, 9 May 2016. PenzaNews. Several thousands of Penza citizens took part in the “Immortal Regiment” campaign dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War (the Eastern Front of the Second World War), which is celebrated on Monday, May 9.

Thousands Penza citizens join “Immortal Regiment” campaign

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The descendants of the WWII soldiers and homefront workers began to assemble on Kommunisticheskaya street in the early morning, carrying with them the portraits of their relatives who made their contribution to the Great Victory.

Many of the banners with photos were made in the uniform style of the “Immortal Regiment” campaign that grew international over the past few years. However, some of the banners were humbly hand-made rather than printed, with names of the WWII soldiers and homefront workers written by hand.

The march of the “Immortal Regiment” column was headed by Penza citizens carrying a 200-meter repica of the Victory Banner, which had been brought to Penza by the “Star of Our Great Victory” motor rally on April 29.

They were followed by seven school children, bearing the “Immortal Regiment” banner.

After a thanksgiving service in the church of Archangel Michael, the march was joined by the head officials of Penza and the region, such as the governor Ivan Belozertsev, the regional Legislative Assembly chairman Valery Lidin and the Penza city mayor Victor Kuvaytsev, who walked with the column along with the citizens.

As the column approached the Penza Military and Labor Valor Monument, it was met by the veterans of the Second World War who rose to their feat at their stands, hailing the descendants of the victors and honoring the legacy of their comrades-at-arms who lost their lives in the battlefield or passed away after the Victory had been won.

As the column marched along Pobedy prospekt, some of the citizens who watched from the both sides of the street were brought to tears with their emotions.

After making an U-turn at the intersection with Ostrovskovo street, the “Immortal Regiment” column returned to the monument, accompanied by songs of the war years.

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