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Ivan Malikov: Tuzov tries to stir pity by appealing to “make-believe banners”

13:55 | 01.06.2016 | Society


Penza, 1 June 2016. PenzaNews. Ivan Malikov, president of “VolgaInterMedia,” thinks that the individual businessman Alexander Tuzov that is now facing a lawsuit worth 3 million rubles for illegal use of PenzaNews copyrighted photos, is attempting to stir pity in the court by calling the advertising on his website “make-believe banners” in his response.

Ivan Malikov: Tuzov tries to stir pity by appealing to “make-believe banners”

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“In his most recent response, Tuzov all of a sudden decided to inform the court that the advertising on his website is not advertising at all, not bringing any money, and that ‘their make-believe status can be confirmed by accounting documents,’ to quote his response statement. Why would a man who lives in a standalone cottage building in Akhuny and has a SUV need to look like a poor man? For me, the answer is obvious – to get less money taken off of him by the court,” Ivan Malikov commented before the beginning of the court session on the case on Wednesday, June 1.

According to him, the statements of a number of entities, including business owners, contain claims that they have no need in paid advertising on Alexander Tuzov’s website.

“And since the ads haven’t changed for a long time, it appears that nobody else needs it either. And only the Yandex ad network brought Tuzov 15.34 rubles, according to the attached screenshot. That is not much, but it is still income,” Ivan Malikov added, stressing that any business entails risks.

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