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Polosin explains his reluctance to speak to Tuzov after court session

11:50 | 02.06.2016 | Society


Penza, 2 June 2016. PenzaNews. The PenzaNews editor-in-chief Pavel Polosin explained his reasons behind declining to have a talk “between the colleagues” with Alexander Tuzov after the end of the court session on recovery of compensation for illegal use of copyrighted photos held on Wednesday, June 1.

Polosin explains his reluctance to speak to Tuzov after court session

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“Some people told me back in the beginning of the year: ‘You and Tuzov are colleagues, aren’t you, why don’t you just settle it.’ I told them: ‘You seem to be giving the word colleagues a strange meaning.’ Tuzov is a KGB officer, I am a journalist. I never worked in the secial services, and I cannot call Tuzov’s doings an example of journalism – and not just me but a number of representatives from well-esteemed medias. That is what I tried to explained to Tuzov, but his emotional dissonance at the moment was quite apparent,” the PenzaNews editor-in-chief said.

He also reminded that Alexander Tuzov did manage to outline his proposal on setting the issue out of court that day to the “VolgaInterMedia” president Ivan Malikov and his lawyer, but the parties did not achieve mutual understanding due to inacceptable offer.

“There are people who you should not be shaking hands with, and there are people who you should simply never ever talk with, because they can just distort everything you say after the fact. Better avoid such people. But the practice shows that acting like that annoys them even more for some reason,” Pavel Polosin explained.

He also advised all who socialize with Alexander Tuzov or are forced to socialize him due to current business to always remember the so-called Miranda warning.

“In a nutshell, it goes like this: ‘Anything you say may be used against you’,” the PenzaNews editor-in-chief reminded.

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