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Lidia Sidorova: Multifunctional service centers not fully universal “one-step” solutions

19:30 | 01.06.2016 | Society


Penza, 1 June 2016. PenzaNews. The multifunctional state and municipal service centers designed to provide certain official documents and certificates in an easy manner are not fully universal “one-step” solutions for many requests, suggested Lidia Sidorova, chairman of the Penza regional Consumers Association, during the regional APF roundtable discussion “Issues and Potential for Electronic Services in Modern Times” on Wednesday, June 1.

Lidia Sidorova: Multifunctional service centers not fully universal “one-step” solutions

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“In order to get a Veteran of Labor certificate […] in this multifunctional center, you need additional documents – a certificate from the police on your criminal history or a lack thereof, your salary history printout from the Pension Fund, your Penza residence and family status certificate from the place of residence, and so on and so forth. […] You only make that ‘one step’ once you complete ten more in advance. You can only get the needed document in about 30 days,” she explauined.

However, Lidiya Sidorova stated that such multifunctional centers have a number of unchallenged advantages, such as the 12-hour work schedule.

At the same time, she provided her criticism about the websites of authorities.

“Most of them have no information on how to reach their building. […] There is no information for people with disabilities – about the presence or the lack of a sloped approach, the floor of the necessary office,” said the president of the regional Consumers Association.

Also, Lidia Simonova urged to pay more attention to online sales.

The roundtable discussion moderator Sergei Kazakov, Distinguished Artist of Russia, Presidential Trustee, artistic director of the Penza Lunacharsky Drama Theater, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, supported the event.

He described how he ordered a new mobile phone for his 14-year-old daughter online, paid for the order, yet “it has been on its way for quite a while now: she is already 16.”

In return, Lidia Sidorova pointed out that the state officials are not supervising the field.

“First of all, we need a law saying how to make orders, and what are the deadlines. The store website must list the address, the information on submitting claims and complaints, and also the punishments for not following up on orders. Right now, there is no such legislation,” she pointed out.

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