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Victor Kuvaytsev describes Zarechny’s unique experience that Penza would find useful

14:54 | 28.05.2016 | Society


Zarechny, 28 May 2016. PenzaNews. The close cooperation between authorities and citizens of Zarechny in the Penza region that helps both further overall development of the city and create an atmosphere of friendly neighborhood is an example for other cities, the Penza mayor told PenzaNews while describing his impressions of the Zarechny 58-year-old anniversary celebration.

Victor Kuvaytsev describes Zarechny’s unique experience that Penza would find useful

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“The very idea to involve a lot of citizens in the event – this is what everybody must take up,” he said.

In an answer to the question about the Zarechny City Day ideas that could be implemented in the upcoming Penza City Day celebration on June 12, Victor Kuvaytsev explained that such festivals require extensive schedules that would involve children and adults alike.

“There is a number of unique things that they [the Zarechny citizens] already accepted as their objectives and keep implementing. They have very well-developed communication between authorities and citizens living in each apartment building. Of course, the city is quite small and everybody knows everybody else, which helps their city remain neat and tidy – not because the communal services are that good, but because the people themselves want to keep it that way. In my congratulation speech, I mentioned the warm, kind and friendly feelings in their neighborhoods. This is what helps them involve that many people in such events,” he pointed out.

Also, Victor Kuvaytsev highlighted similar positive mass event management experience in Penza, such as the Victory Day festival.

“Right now, we are trying to focus the public attention on the fact that the upcoming holiday is both Russia Day and City Day, to help people feel proud for Penza,” he stressed.

“We already need to nurture this good stereotype in the public: instead of seeking out bad things, find what good you have, treasure and increase it,” the Penza mayor emphasized.

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