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Georgy Kamnev receives around 20 addresses, requests from Akhuny, Zasurye resid area people

11:00 | 08.06.2016 | Society


Penza, 8 June 2016. PenzaNews. Georgy Kamnev, first secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, received around 20 addresses and requests during meetings with over 150 citizens living in the Akhuny and Zasurye residential areas.

Georgy Kamnev receives around 20 addresses, requests from Akhuny, Zasurye resid area people

Photo: Kprfpenza.ru

On June 5 and June 7, the leader of the Penza Communists described the CPRF anti-crisis program, reported about the activities of his deputy center, and held a Q&A session.

In addition, Georgy Kamnev announced the three main anti-crisis proposals of the CPRF: ban capital export, introduce a progressive tax scale, and nationalize natural resources.

Also, the head of the CPRF regional committee described the programs by Penza Communists, such as the free legal consulting office at the Georgy Kamnev deputy center, the communal services and healthy lifestyle schools, and the people’s cooperative “Tovarisch.”

In turn, residents of Akhuny thanked the deputy for paying attention to the problems in the residential area and making them end up in the spotlight of the CRPF newspaper “Penzenskaya Iskra.”

Also, people living on Konstruktorskaya street, who asked the deputy center with a request to install benches in the adjacent public garden in early June, thanked the deputy for the prompt reaction – the benches appeared on June 4.

The list of the issues that are yet to be resolved features the improvement and lightning of the walkway along Tsvetochnaya street towards the “Akhuny” shopping center, the public transportation schedule, the fate of the citizens living in the houses by the Kirov sanatorium, and the illegal waste dumps.

In a comment after the meeting, Georgy Kamnev stressed that direct head-to-head communication with the population is important.

“Communists are used to working in the field, so to say. We are always open for public communication. All our deputies are holding weekly meetings with citizens. Personally, I am trying to meet with citizens as often as possible, I tell them about our program, report about the work we did. At the same time, we get the feedback – people are sharing their problems, making suggestions, leaving requests,” the Penza region CPRF press service quotes the leader of Penza Communists.

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