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Victor Kuvaytsev believes new public garden in GPZ-24 resid area to make people happy

14:51 | 13.06.2016 | Society


Penza, 13 June 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza city administration head Victor Kuvaytsev expressed his belief that the newly-opened public garden on Antonova street next to the Temple of Dmitry Donskoy will become a popular location that will help make the citizens happier.

Victor Kuvaytsev believes new public garden in GPZ-24 resid area to make people happy

Photo: Penza-gorod.ru

During his speech at the public garden’s opening ceremony on Monday, June 13, he remarked that the municipality is responsible for improving the condition of greenery at such locations.

“My colleagues and I agree and understand that we need to have new public gardens appearing or existing ones improving in every area of the city every year,” the mayor said.

The location for the new public garden was chosen around seven years ago, Victor Kuvaytsev pointed out.

“Gradually, we formed a green growth land plot to protect it from construction, and then decided to develop it with grant support,” the city administration head explained, and expressed his gratitude to all people who contributed to its creation.

During the opening event, Victor Kuvaytsev presented Yuri Proshkin, chairman of the local community council, director of the school No. 77. In turn, the latter thanked the mayor for the support.

Also, the Penza administration head added that the officials will be supporting all citizen initiatives that are good for Penza and its people, says the press service of the city hall.

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