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Olga Averkieva, blocked in Turkey by cancer treatment doctors, passes away

11:38 | 17.06.2016 | Society


Penza, 17 June 2016. PenzaNews. The 23-year-old Penza region citizen Olga Averkieva, who had been undergoing cancer treatment in a Turkey clinic, passed away on Thursday, June 16.

Olga Averkieva, blocked in Turkey by cancer treatment doctors, passes away

Photo: Vk.com/clubaverkievyh

The young woman’s story became well known far beyond the region after her mother Galina Averkieva asked journalists for help, and described how her daughter’s condition worsened without regaining consciousness, while Turkish doctors kept writing checks for practically non-existing treatment sessions.

“For the last time, I am addressing the people who remained with us to the last minute and hoped for a wonder… Just out of the intensive care ward, after a long farewell with her… I can’t understand what’s happening around me now… My senses are gone… No tears… Don’t judge me… They are nearby, because the soul is burning away bit by bit… I have no words for my gratitude… I cannot reply to everyone, but my phone has so many condolence messages,” Galina Averkieva wrote on her Odnoklassniki social network page.

Her daughter received the sacraments before passing away, she added.

According to information available to PenzaNews, the mother of the deceased girl currently receives assistance in Turkey from a lawyer.

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