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Second covered bicycle parking lot appears in Zarechny

18:04 | 04.07.2016 | Society


Zarechny, 4 July 2016. PenzaNews. The second bicycle parking lot has appeared in Zarechny of the Penza region, the city mayor Vyacheslav Gladkov wrote in his LiveJournal account on Monday, July 4.

Second covered bicycle parking lot appears in Zarechny

Photo: Gladkov-zar.livejournal.com

The parking lot was built using the experience with the first one, which appeared in Zarechny in the autumn of 2014, he explained.

“The subcontractor still needs to paint certain parts of the building, while the citizens are deciding on the security measures (lock and key),” the city administration head wrote.

Also, Vyacheslav Gladkov wrote that he inspected the bicycle parking lot next to Akhunskaya street, 3, and was not happy with the impression.

“The doors were torn away, the metal is beginning to rust. […] There might be issues in regards to welding quality… But just oiling the hinges could have prevented it,” the mayor noted.

The cyclists who asked to build the parking lot had promised to take care of it, he added.

“But in practice, we see that they are using it ruthlessly. So what? It’s not our building! If it breaks, they’ll fix it! Sure, we will weld the doors back on, but do we really need to keep building new ones? If the situation with caring after the parking lots does not change, I will consider moving it to another part of the city, where the locals will treat it much better,” Vyacheslav Gladkov added.

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