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Valery Lidin to supervise process over issues mentioned during his citizen meeting in Penza

16:22 | 07.07.2016 | Society


Penza, 7 July 2016. PenzaNews. Valery Lidin, chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly, secretary of the regional United Russia party branch, will be monitoring the resolution process for the issues described to him during his meeting with citizens held at the party’s public reception office on Thursday, July 7.

Valery Lidin to supervise process over issues mentioned during his citizen meeting in Penza

Photo: Zspo.ru

The first to address him was Sergei Popov, representative of the people living in Staraya Kutlya village of the Lunino area. He asked the speaker of the regional parliament to help improve the road section that goes through the village.

“This road is quite popular. Children are crossing it to go to school, but there is no road crossing, no lightening. I’m talking safety, mainly for children,” he explained.

During the meeting, Valery Lidin asked the regional Ministry of Construction and found out that the capital repairs of the Lunino road going through Staraya Kutlya is planned for 2017 under the 2014-2020 transportation services and infrastructure development program in the Penza region.

However, since the citizen addressed him about the road section that diverts from the main highway, the Legislative Assembly chairman asked Alexander Demidov, head of “Luninsky Stroitel” construction company, for assistance. The latter promised to provide the help required.

In turn, Valery Lidin assured the citizen that he will see to it that the road gets its crossing by the upcoming school year.

“At the same time, we will be negotiating with power companies over lightening. We are currently adjusting the process of including road crossings in Staraya Kutlya in the 2020 Road Crossing Safety Improvement program. But since this is children’s safety, we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” he stressed.

The leader of the local United Russia party branch also received a request from a strudent Anton Danilov to unite forces to involve the Penza region in the Bank of Russia contest for prominent landmarks that could be featured on the new 200 and 2,000 ruble banknotes.

Valery Lidin said he is ready to involve the Legislative Assembly’s youth parliament in the issue and send the contest application by July 28.

Another request was related to the federal program “Housing for New Family”; a woman who came to the meeting was worried that her daughter soon will be excluded from the queue for state housing aid after reaching theage of 35.

In return, Valery Lidin instructed the regional parliament to prepare a letter to the Russian Ministry of Construction with request to revise the program’s eligibility conditions.

“We will propose to expand the eligibility criteria to make age critical only at the list confirmation date, rather than the queue-up date. We will ask the United Russia State Duma deputies to aid our letter. We will seek to be heard,” he said.

Also, the speaker of the regional parliament received an address from the local Uzbek diaspora over the construction of an ethnic cultural center.

Valery Lidin assured them that the issue will be analyzed with the Penza city administration.

Other questions asked during the meeting were related to aiding in employment: the CVs of the people in question will be referred to Penza enterprises for review.

In conclusion of the meeting, Valery Lidin stressed that all questions mentioned at the event must be resolved within a month.

“It’s the result, not the process, that concerns the citizens,” he concluded.

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