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Victor Kuvaytsev: we should build improvement system in Penza step by step

12:35 | 09.07.2016 | Society


Penza, 9 July 2016. PenzaNews. It is impossible to resolve all the issues concerning area improvements in Penza at once, so one of the authorities’ tasks is to build a system allowing solving problems stepwise. Such opinion was expressed by the city mayor Victor Kuvaytsev during walking over yard territories on Antonova and Izmaylova streets on Saturday, July 9.

Victor Kuvaytsev: we should build improvement system in Penza step by step

Photo: Penza-gorod.ru

Addressing the representative of the Zheleznodorozhny city area administration, he pointed out a number of faults and asked how the relations with managing companies and housing cooperatives are built.

Having heard in reply about weekly planning meetings, during which actions plan on area improvements is drawn up, Victor Kuvaytsev asked public officials to exercise a stricter control.

“You should walk over the territories yourself to understand what should be done. It is necessary to build up a system for improvement procedures. It is hard to cover the whole area at once, so you should choose a certain territory, involve necessary services, and when the work is done, move on to the next one,” the Penza administration head suggested.

During the tour, he also drew attention to trading in unsettled places on Antonova street.

“We are fighting with illegal retail facilities in the city. You should get involved in this work and prevent appearing new illegal nonstationary sales outlets,” the press service of the Penza mayor’s office cited Victor Kuvaytsev.

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