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Penza zoo invites citizens to see one-month-old lemur born in zoo

17:10 | 27.07.2016 | Society


Penza, 27 July 2016. PenzaNews. The visitors of the Penza zoo are invited to see a little ring-tailed lemur who was born in the zoo under a month ago – on Sunday, July 3.

Penza zoo invites citizens to see one-month-old lemur born in zoo

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“Even though the tiny baby weighs under 100 grams, it already holds tight to its mother’s fur and travels around the enclosure on her back. The little lemur is only just making its first baby steps, and will be leaving the mother’s back only in a month or two. Right now, the little lemur feeds only on mother’s milk. It will remain so until it is about 6 months old – its fully independent age,” the zoo website says.

According to it, the mother lemur is an ideal mom: she greatly cares after its baby, cleans its fur and protects from the cold with its tail.

“The ring-tailed lemurs are not called like that for nothing. The baby also has such a tail – albeit still quite tiny. The baby’s gender is still unknown – our zoologists have not inspected it to avoid shocking the baby and the mother, which is why it still has no name,” they add.

According to the zoo, the institution also has baby tigers, camels, porcupines, goats, polar owls, eagle owls and parrots.

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