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Penza holds official celebrations on Russian Navy Day

14:18 | 31.07.2016 | Society


Penza, 31 July 2016. PenzaNews. Penza held an official celebration of Russian Navy Day on Sunday, July 31.

Penza holds official celebrations on Russian Navy Day

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In the morning, marines, their relatives and friends, and other Penza citizens assembled by the regional Hall of Fame, with military men congratulating each other.

The event attracted both veterans and recent navy recruits.

The people were hailed by horns of passing cars carrying the Russian Navy flags.

Next, parade-dressed cadets marched along the adjacent public garden, after which marines – first the parade-dressed ones, and next those in civil clothes – followed them in four-column walk.

At exactly 10.00, they marched towards the Rostok monument.

Uritskovo street was blocked for traffic during the event.

Afterwards, the people arranged next to the Glory to Heroes monument, and three cadets laid a wreath to it.

To celebrate the 320th anniversary of the Russian Navy, marine cadets distinguished in different events received gift replicas of Russian and Soviet submarines and military vessels.

Next, the people were invited to participate in an exhibition and a festive concert in the youth center building nearby.

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