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Penza rewards best railroad workers

16:57 | 05.08.2016 | Society


Penza, 5 August 2016. PenzaNews. The best railroad workers of Penza were honored during the festive event held on Friday, August 5, right before their professional holiday.

Penza rewards best railroad workers

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The event began with a video by Oleg Belozerov, president of Russian Railroads, who summed up the interim results of the year by highlighting the positive trend and expressing his hope for even higher advance.

“In turn, I promise you that the company will do all it can to further improve lives of railroad workers,” he said.

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev congratulated railroad workers with their upcoming professional holiday, and stressed their importance in creating the positive image of the region.

“We made a big technological advance, […] the requirements for the railroad industry keep growing. Both veterans and beginner workers need to study all those approaches, decisions, new features. I thank you for your work,” said the head of the region.

In turn, the regional Legislative Assembly chairman Valery Lidin noted that stability of industrial, construction and agricultural enterprises, as well as the attitude of the people using the railroads, depend on coordinated and thorough work of train operators, depot workers and train station service staff.

The Penza city administration head Victor Kuvaytsev pointed out that citizens and local businessmen trust railroad workers even more now.

“It is very likely that this is the case because you deliver the cargo on time, safe and sound, rain or snow, whatever the situation. On the second point, very important for our successful cooperation, there are many Penza citizens – around 3,500 – working on the railroad,” he explained, and thanked them for their work.

Following that, the most distinguished workers of the railroad industry received certificates and letters of congratulation, as well as personalized wrist watches.

Also, during the event, the audience was entertained by dancers, singers, and magic tricks.

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