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Two court cases lost: Tuzov pays PenzaNews founder almost 272 thousand rubles

12:55 | 10.08.2016 | Society


Penza, 10 August 2016. PenzaNews. A former employee of the security services, and now the individual entrepreneur Alexander Tuzov, who is also trying to position himself as Penza analyst, paid 271,800 rubles to LLC VolgaInterMedia in accordance with the decision of the court — 265 thousand rubles to compensate for 53 facts of illegal use of PenzaNews photos and 6,800 rubles as a state duty.

Two court cases lost: Tuzov pays PenzaNews founder almost 272 thousand rubles

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“As you know, Tuzov lost the case in the Penza court on June 15 and on August 8, he lost another time. The Court of Appeal in Samara rejected his complaint, which was originally filed in violation of the law, leaving the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Penza region in Tuzov’s case unchanged. The night before, Tuzov called into my office twice to ask for payment details. The document was prepared and sent via e-mail. The company account received the money from the entrepreneur Tuzov today at noon,” the president of VolgaInterMedia Ivan Malikov commented.

Speaking about the reasons that prompted Alexander Tuzov transfer the full amount assigned by the court so quickly, Ivan Malikov suggested that he “is probably afraid not to be allowed abroad.”

“I do not know, maybe he is going on vacation to the Maldives, and here is a debt of up to 300 thousand — he arrives at the airport and has to turn back. Shameful…loosing the money for the flight ticket and all,” the head of the media company remarked ironically.

However, he did not rule out a possibility that the payment of the entire amount can be related to the fact that “Tuzav is trying to appear a gentleman to others, but it is unlikely, because a lot of people have been publicly slung mud at on the Internet lately.”

“The fact that Tuzov transferred the money immediately, tells that he fully recognized the claim, although his actions still seem illogical. In the appeal he requested to cancel the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Penza region as “unjustified and illegal.” Now he fully agrees with the decision of the appeal that the Penza court upheld, and pays the full amount. It seems that Tuzov has two personalities totally antagonistic to each other. By the way, in court, he often said diametrically opposite things, so I think many have become accustomed to the one-man show. I believe that the apotheosis of such illogical behavior may be Tuzov’s appeal to cassation, in which he will again demand to cancel the court decision as “unreasonable and illegal,” and require the money back,” Ivan Malikov said.

He added that in the near future Alexander Tuzov is facing another court associated with the reimbursement of legal costs incurred by the plaintiff.

“It is a decent amount. The exact figure will be clear after all the calculations done. Let's hope that he will pay it as well, and not pretend a rogue again, as he did in court, and said that he had no money, the media brings no profit, and the banners on Tuzov’s website are nothing serious,” Ivan Malikov summed up.

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