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Mother of two children from Penza desperate for truth turns to Ombudsman and ARPF

09:00 | 15.08.2016 | Society


Penza, 15 August 2016. PenzaNews. A resident of Penza Irina Chernyshova raising a 4-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old disabled son, turned to the Ombudsman for Children's Rights in the region Elena Stolyarova and to the head of the regional executive committee of the All-Russia People's Front (ARPF) Anna Kuznetsova, with the request to defend her children.

Mother of two children from Penza desperate for truth turns to Ombudsman and ARPF

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Since 2005, the life of the family changed dramatically: in the age of 5 years the boy got seriously sick. Doctors gave less than 1% that the child survived. Now, after a series of operations and rehabilitation courses, the young man receives distance education via the Internet, can move only with the help of crutches and a wheelchair, but in periods of worsening his legs are completely immobilized, and he spends all the time in bed.

“All my life my son and I had no home to call our own. And then in 2013, due to the birth of a little daughter, that is, due to the parent capital, I was able to afford a room [total area] 16 sq. meters, where now I and my cildren live,” Irina Chernyshova’s letter to the Ombudsman and ARPF, a copy of which is available to PenzaNews, states.

It explains that house No. 9K on Spartakovskaya street in Penza, where there are several owners and a number of entrers. And for many years, not far away from the gate leading out of Irina Chernyshova’s apartment, there has been a dump of household waste, a place of gathering for alcoholics and drug addicts.

“For two years I and my children lived in fear and horror. On top of that we had seen and heard enough of drunk and stoned faces of local addicts, who sat here every day, drank, made noise, shouted out insulting and rude things. After hearing all that addressed to me and my children, we were afraid to get out of the apartment even during the day, not to mention the evening, especially in autumn and spring, when it gets dark very early. We just sat and trembled! The disabled son, the 1-year-old daughter, and a woman — what was I able to do against inadequate people? Nothing,” Irina Chernyshova’s statement reads.

According to her, when the cup of patience was full, she thoroughly cleared the area, which previously tried to maintan in order all by herself, and put a metal fence around it.

“I did all this wishing the best to my child, both of my children. I am afraid for the lives of my children! My disabled son requires quiet relaxation in the fresh air. And here we had a toilet and a dump with drunks day and night,” the letter goes on.

But once the family came to a quiet life, there begun “hell even more terrible than drunks.”

“A neighbor who imagines himself a “political analyst,” “local virtue” [according to available information, at Spartakovskaya street, 9B, lives individual entrepreneur Alexander Tuzov, positioning himself above all as an ardent fighter against corruption and lawlessness] in the benefactor guise made people write and sign a paper concering me to every authority available (Rosreestr, MES, “Gorvodokanal,” administration of Zheleznodorozhny district, administration of Penza). What did I suffer through! Only I and my children know. Court session after session — a fine of 5 thousand [rubles], then 10 thousand, then another 10 thousand — all this time, money, nerves,” the letter states

Irina Chernyshova drew the attention of children's Ombudsman Elena Stolyarova and the head of the regional executive committee of the ARPF Anna Kuznetsova, who is also the mother of many children, to the legal conflict, which prevents officials to resolve the current life situation.

According to her, the site near the house provided to her for landscaping in accordance with the decision of Penza administration No. 335 / 1 of March 15, 2016, involves the installation of a pergola, benches, landscaping elements, but no fence, so now officials require to remove it.

“Who will I do the landscaping for? Pergola, benches, rose — for local alcoholics? [...] Everyone is allowed having a fence, but not me. Absurd! The neighbor, who wrote the papers and pretend to be a human “virtue” simply has his own interests to the already cleared land. He wants to take hold of it! He must have some people in power, otherwise why would there be all this hell upon me. Only many people wonder how did it come that in times not so distant he got “Arboretum” land with rare trees from overseas? How was he able to get it, cut down the trees and build a house? And it is not enough — he is willing to rob my children of a shred of the former dump, which, mind you, for some reason he did not clean up but sniffed and said “Ugh, it stinks,” the statement of Irina Chernyshova notes.

In addition, it describes the conditions in which the family lives: cold water is available in the house only in summer, no toilet, and in winter it gets cold from the neighboring apartment which burnt-out.

“I did not want to write about all that, but itis what it is. [...] Let it be noticed, that I did not go anywhere, did ot complain, or ask anything, I did not cry before — before this absurdity with the garbage and the fence. But now I am begging for help! There will be no life and peace without the fence! So far, no harm has happened, please help me to keep this fence,” the letter continues.

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