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Penza hosted forum “The future that we choosefor ourselves”

17:56 | 17.08.2016 | Society


Penza, 17 August 2016. PenzaNews. Finding ways to improve the medical and demographic situation in the Penza region has become the main topic of a regional forum “The future that we choose for ourselves” held in Lermontov library on Wednesday, August 17.

Penza hosted forum “The future that we choosefor ourselves”

Photo: Penza-gorod.ru

In the lobby they presented physical and sports facilities. There was also an exhibition devoted to a healthy lifestyle. Visitors had a chance to check their blood pressure and get expert advice about the state of health.

The main discussions concerned the steps to be taken at national level to help increase the birth rate, to develop the institution of large families and strengthen the institution of marriage.

Additional topics touched upon proper nutrition, giving up bad habits, improving working conditions in the factories and enterprises, improving the overall environmental situation.

Moreover, much attention was paid to the early detection of diseases, including through clinical examination.

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