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Andrei Korostkin of “Penzaenergo” named best electrician in region

18:34 | 24.08.2016 | Society


Penza, 24 August 2016. PenzaNews. Andrei Korostkin, employee of the branch of PJSC “MRSK Volgi” (Rosset Group) – “Penzaenergo” – became professional skill contest winner in the nomination “The Best Electrician.” The competition was held on Wednesday, August 24.

Andrei Korostkin of “Penzaenergo” named best electrician in region

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The second result was shown by Sergei Nazarov of JSC “Penzenskaya Gorelektroset,” and the third – Dmitry Isaev of municipal enterprise “Gorelektroset.”

The contest winner is rewarded with a car. The second place gets a TV, and the third place receives a laptop.

The team competition winners are similar – the best are the representatives of “Penzaenergo,” workers of JSC “Penzenskaya Gorelektroset” conceded to them in skillб and employees of municipal enterprise “Gorelektroset” rounded out the top three winners.

The contest, held on the training ground of the Penza production department of “Penzaenergo” gathered four three-man teams. Each team had a foreman, two electricians and an attendant.

In addition to the winners, the representatives of LLC “Setevaya Kompania“ also fought for the prize.

The participants in the order determined by lot were tested at two sites.

On one of them electricians demonstrated knowledge of the applicable rules, regulations and standards with the help of a computer program “ASOP-Expert.” They had 40 minutes to get through the test.

The practical part of the competition included measuring resistance of “phase-zero” loop in the 0.4 kV network and evaluating compliance with the parameters of the line safety equipment.

At all stages of the competition a lot of attention was paid to compliance with safety regulations.

Industry regional competition of professional skill “Best in Profession” in energy sector of the Penza region in the nomination “The Best Electrician” is held for the second year in a row.

In 2015, the winner was also an employee of “Penzaenergo” Alexey Davydtsev. The second place was awarded to another company representative, Anatoly Kobzev. The third place went to Evgeny Telegin of LLC “Setevaya Kompania.”

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