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Journalist Vladislav Belyakov leaves “Penzenskaya Pravda” for “Penza-Online”

12:33 | 24.08.2016 | Society


Penza, 24 August 2016. PenzaNews. Journalist Vladislav Belyakov, who recently announced about his resignation from the position of the head of the information department in “Penzenskaya Pravda,” will take a new job creating materials for information-analytical portal “Penza-Online.”

Journalist Vladislav Belyakov leaves “Penzenskaya Pravda” for “Penza-Online”

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“Well, my friends, inform you, as promised. Now I am a correspondent at “Penza-Online,” he posted on Facebook on Wednesday, August 24.

Some friends and colleagues of the journalist, along with congratulations decided to offer their topics for future publications.

Others expressed the hope that with the arrival of Vladislav Belyakov quality of articles of the Internet portal will change for the better.

“Well, maybe, it is you who will write something intelligible here,” Penza businessman Igor Zeidman suggested. “[...] I mean, as for now the publications of the portal seem vague, and I hope that his arrival will have a positive impact on the content of the website articles,” he added a little later.

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