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New news agency to replace websites of regional newspapers in Penza region

16:49 | 26.08.2016 | Society


Penza, 26 August 2016. PenzaNews. The website of the regional news agency, which will publish news of all 27 regional newspapers of the Penza region, is scheduled to be launched on September 1. This was announced by head of the department of information policy and media in the region Oleg Dolzhenko.

New news agency to replace websites of regional newspapers in Penza region

Photo: Pnzreg.ru

“At the moment, every newspaper has a website, but due to their low attendance, we have developed a single site, which will accumulate all the portals,” he said during the government meeting of the Penza region on Friday, August 26.

According to Oleg Dolzhenko, by 2017, all information from the sites of regional newspapers will be moved to the new Internet-resource, after which they will be closed.

The head of the department of information policy and media in the region noted that at present the local print media have difficulty holding their position, despite the relevance of their content.

“The factors that hinder the development of the press, are the following objective reasons: rise in production costs and the production of printed materials by almost 40% over the past three years, the decline in subscriptions and distribution of newspapers by 15-20%, the wear of the material and technical base and software, reduction in the volume of attracted advertising,” he said.

Oleg Dolzhenko added that under the circumstances, a special place is given to the improvement of the skills of state media employees.

“In particular, in September 2016 the department, together with the regional office of the Russian Union of Journalists plan to organize the fifth media festival “We are from Penza.” The goal is to improve the efficiency of the media, the media qualification of workers and the formation of positive information field in the region” the head of department said.

He reminded that during the festival there will be a round table on building relations between the press and the authorities, workshops of Vladimir Kasyutin “How to keep the reader. Experience of Russian newspapers” and Vladimir Skorobogatko’s modern design of newspapers, as well as the lecture by “Zvezda” channel TV presenter Irina Losik on the work in the studio and on the road correspondent activity.

“Every year, Penza delegation takes part in the festival “All Russia,” to which the journalists from all regions of the country, experts and media leaders, and public figures apply. During the festival they take part in master-classes of experts in design, content, promotion, print and electronic media, and round tables,” Oleg Dolzhenko explained.

He stressed that four field seminars for editors of area and city newspapers were held in 2016, as well as four round tables, at which the most pressing problems of the industry were discussed.

“A number of measures are taken to fulfill the human resource capacity. In cooperation with the Penza State University there works the school of young journalists. In 2016 it completed the fifth year of operation. The main task is to identify talented young people, high school students, to help them realize their creative potential. The training program has 50% of practical classes, and the graduates of the young journalists’ school have an additional advantage when entering the PSU, the Department of Journalism. In 2016-2017 the education will be continued. Our global goal is the creation of Young Journalists Association to attract experts to area publications,” the head of the department of information policy and media of the Penza region informed.

According to him, currently there is an agreement on cooperation with the “Russian Post” according to which it is planned to increase the number of subscribers.

“At the beginning of 2016 the Department formed a set of measures aimed at a partial solution of identified issues: a universal system of regular number of editions of regional newspapers was developed, which will be introduced from October 2016, and measures to reduce frivolous spending in each of them were suggested. Also in the near future we plan to identify and develop the concept of regional newspapers for 2017 and 2018,” Oleg Dolzhenko summed up.

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