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“Magazzino” in Penza available online

13:28 | 07.09.2016 | Society


Penza, 7 September 2016. PenzaNews. “Magazzino” TV show episode shot in Penza was aired on “Pyatnica!” TV channel on Tuesday evening, September 6, and it is now available online.

“Magazzino” in Penza available online

Photo: Magazzino.friday.ru

The first place that the program host Alexander Molochko visited was “Vasilyok” store on Prospekt Pobedy Street.

“As soon as the store personnel saw Alexander Molochko, the lights went off. But this did not prevent the host from finding gross violations of food storage in refrigerators. “Magazzino” saw a large number of semi-finished products, but their origin remained a secret for the program host,” the episode preview states on “Pyatnica!” channel website.

One more visiting point became the Central Market.

“Alexander enjoyed the department of fresh meat, but otherwise... Cockroaches, unsanitary conditions, and expired products shocked him. For the first time in the history of the program human blood was shed during the market inspection,” the preview states.

Penza consumers’ complaints also brought Alexander Molochko in one of the supermarkets of Penza chainstore “Karavan.”

“In the production hall, he found a lot of expired products. But the administration assured him that they will quickly restore the order. However, “Magazzino” does not believe promises. Two days later the host came double-check,” “Pyatnica!” channel goes on.

The episode preview also speaks briefly of “Eldorado” home appliances store visit.

“What kind of complaints is usually received on the appliances? Is the store staff actually rude and incompetent? What are the cases to return the goods if you simply do not like it? Alexander Molochko and his mystery shoppers will find answers to all these questions,” the release notes.

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