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Political expert: New Children's Ombudsman is uniquely suitable for position

11:45 | 12.09.2016 | Society


Penza, 12 September 2016. PenzaNews. The head of the executive committee of the Penza All-Russian People's Front (ARPF), the head of the charity foundation in support of family, motherhood and childhood “Pokrov” Anna Kuznetsova, appointed the Children's Rights Commissioner for President of Russia, is the best candidate for this position. This opinion was expressed by deputy director of the National Institute of modern ideology, a political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov

Political expert: New Children's Ombudsman is uniquely suitable for position

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“At one point, when [former children's ombudsman Pavel] Astakhov again said something that made people howl for his resignation, I was asked: “What should the next children's ombudsman be like, in my opinion?” I replied that no children's ombudsman would be good for me, as well as the ombudsman for business, human rights in general, the Internet and all. I would like to see the law respected as it is without special unique people in the subject,” he said.

According to Gleb Kuznetsov, whoever was to become the children's ombudsman, it was hard to please everyone, without exception.

“Today illustrates that I was right. The position is occupied by a person uniquely suited for the task — the mother of many children from the province, with successful social activity experience, and the knowledge of how the things work in the so-called “politics” — ARPF, primaries of United Russia and all,” the deputy director of the National Institute for Modern Ideology Development explained.

He noted that, despite the objective merits of a new Ombudsman, this appointment was greeted ambiguously.

“She is the priest's wife (which is a great disqualifying characteristic for the civil service coming from 1920-1930s), “how is she to leave her children in Penza, condemning them to social orphanhood,” and she believes in Telegony, that every time the female's offspring bears the imprint of inheritance prior to this mating partners,” Gleb Kuznetsov listed.

Political expert suggested that in the near future, those who demanded the resignation of the former Children's Ombudsman, would say that he was very suitable for the position.

“The only hope is that she is really ideal in terms of biography and social status for the titanic work of returning good reputation to the position. I wish her good luck,” the online service “National Expert” quotes Gleb Kuznetsov.

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