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150-thousand-rubles fine imposed on Penza store for expired goods

11:23 | 28.09.2016 | Society


Penza, 28 September 2016. PenzaNews. “Fabrika” LLC registered in Togliatti, the Samara region, is fined in the amount of 150 thousand rubles for violation of requirements of technical regulations in the implementation of food in the store organization, located on Suvorova Street, 133 in Penza.

150-thousand-rubles fine imposed on Penza store for expired goods

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As the case, considered by the Arbitration Court of the Penza region, states, in June 2016, Rospotrebnadzor experts carried out an inspection at the point of sale after complaints of resident reporting the overdue product.

During the inspection, the experts found expired goods: mincemeat and sausages “Prazhskie” produced by “Fabrika kachestva” LLC, as well as cottage cheese by “Molochnaya industria” LLC.

In addition, part of the goods did not have the production date information, among them are pancakes with cottage cheese, meat and eggs, liver and cabbage produced by “Fabrika kachestva” LLC.

Moreover, sausages “Ilyinskie” by the same manufacturer had an open package with no specified date, so it was impossible to assess whether the storage periods were met.

Materials of the case proved that the company “Fabrika” did not provided the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union in the observance of the shelf life of food products in its implementation, which is confirmed by the inspection protocol.

This act constitutes an administrative offense under Part 2 Art. 14.43 of the Administrative Code “Violation of technical regulations enabled by manufacturer, executor (person performing the functions of the foreign manufacturer), vendor.”

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