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Owner of “777” bar does not intend to move it from Sovetskaya square because of cathedral

17:24 | 17.10.2016 | Society


Penza, 17 October 2016. PenzaNews. The director of LLC “Oksana” Oksana Chumakova expresses outrage at the information on the Penza City Hall website concerning the plans, allegedly agreed with the owners, to remove the food outlets from the Sovetskaya square, including the “777” bar owned by her.

Owner of “777” bar does not intend to move it from Sovetskaya square because of cathedral

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“I will think where to apply, I will resolve it. I won’t leave it that way. I cannot stand it any more! […] If the situation does not calm down, I will apply to the “Man and law” TV program will not give up!” Oksana Chumakova commented on it to PenzaNews on Monday, October 17.

The director of the establishment said that the information published on the website of the city administration on October 13 disagrees with the reality: none of the officials talked to her during the meeting and thus they could not get her consent for the bar’s relocation.

“In the evening of October 13, they called me and asked “Is your property to be demolished?” And it all began. Clients call, the New Year is coming, and they are afraid to pay in advance, they ask if we will work. I respond that we will,” the agency interlocutor said.

Oksana Chumakova started to call to the mayor’s office to clarify the situation and she was invited to the meeting after 19.00.

“I said it was late,” she said.

Oksana Chumakova doubted that in the future she will be able to come to mutual understanding with the city administration bearing in mind that disputes concerning the establishment’s location on the Sovetskaya square have been going on for a long while.

“I had the building in property, not the land. How we do it? You go and submit an application with a request to grant the land. I got denials only. I went to courts. I won, I bought it all, it is all mine,” the agency interlocutor said.

However, the owner of the “777” bar did not exclude the possibility to sell the building if the proposed conditions are satisfied.

She also said that the proximity of the cathedral to the café is far-fetched.

“I studied the rules and conditions for the activities of religious organizations. Where is it written that a café cannot be close? Who made it up? I found a lot of information that in many cities there are cafes in chapels organized to attract people, even with alcohol,” Oksana Chumakova stressed.

She added that rumors about closure of the bar “777” on Sovetskaya square affect her income negatively in addition to reduction in the number of clients due to longstanding construction of the Spassky Cathedral.

“People will just leave. [People] might sit home thinking where to go, they might decide that we are close, that we moved a long time ago […] This is what I call wrecking. How can people come here? […] It turns out that the construction works are on in the city centre, and it has been going on for 8 years. Previously, when there was a square, people would go carting, families would walk here with strollers, and now it is just a construction site,” the director of LLC “Oksana” said.

She also drew attention to the fact there are other establishments close to the constructing cathedral, including “Parus” and “Harat’s club,” but questions towards them are raised much less often.

“They are always interested in me [the “777” bar] and “Grot.” They don’t care about others,” Oksana Chumakova resumed.

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