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Over 60 trees planted in “Druzhba” public garden in Penza

13:31 | 22.10.2016 | Society


Penza, 22 October 2016. PenzaNews. More than 60 mountain ashes, lindens, and fir trees were planted in the “Druzhba” public garden in Penza during the clean-up event, held on October 22.

Over 60 trees planted in “Druzhba” public garden in Penza

Photo: Pnzreg.ru

During the clean-up, which was attended by the governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev, the mayor Victor Kuvaytsev, the deputy chairman of the City Duma Georgy Tyurin, who is currently the acting head of Penza, the territory of the public garden was put in order.

Pupils of school No. 66 also came to collect trash and leaves.

Ivan Belozertsev stressed that creation of comfortable and developed urban environment is a task requiring involvement of not only departments responsible for the territories’ condition, but also the city residents, whose ideas and initiatives may be interesting and useful.

He also noted that people’s consciousness regarding the territory improvement is changing for the better, but it is still not enough.

“We need to work with the people and the youth. Already in a kindergarten children should be told that cleanliness and order depend on us,” the press service of the regional government quotes Ivan Belozertsev.

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