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Work with parents after death of two children to be strengthen in Penza region

12:48 | 24.10.2016 | Society


Penza, 24 October 2016. PenzaNews. Work with parents will be strengthened in connection with death of two children in Penza. This was announced by the Minister of Education of the Penza region Alexander Voronkov during the operational meeting, held in the regional government on Monday, October 24.

Work with parents after death of two children to be strengthen in Penza region

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The governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev reminded that last week in the GPZ area a pupil of school No. 70 was found hanged, and the body of a boy was found in the construction site on Popova street.

In turn, Alexander Voronkov stressed that both the tragic cases reveal the necessity to intensify the work with families.
“We analyzed both the cases immediately after they happened – problems within the family. Both the girl and the boy sent signals but their parents were not able to analyze them, and here of course the education system should get involved. At present, we are implementing the project on psychological services in the education system. We’ve made the first steps. Almost all educational organizations in Penza employ psychologists. In six areas, there were opened psychological support offices, sponsored by the regional budget funds. This will continue in phases. We train head teachers so that they are able to understand by first signs if a child has problems and take comprehensive measures,” the head of the Ministry of Education said.

He added that during the current week at schools of the Penza region, teacher-parent meetings attended by psychologists and psychiatrists will be held.

“We will strengthen the aspect once again, because the majority thinks that it can never happen in their families and with their children. No one can be protected. Children have a huge flow of information to process now, it is even more that adults do. They are all in networks. We have to admit that we have no control over the network. There are a lot of sites that awaken children’s interest due to their age, including those relating to the issue of death and life. We, of course, need to reinforce work in the Internet,” Alexander Voronkov explained.

Ivan Belozertsev asked whether the reason for the girl’s suicide was identified.

“The initial version is confirmed – it is the unhappy love. The girl suffered because of breaking up with the man, who is several years older than her. The network was studied, photos were removed just s few hours before the child made the tragic decision. The girl was on medical leave, which was confirmed by health authorities – ARD. The child worried at home, she wrote several notes. Her sister saw one of them,” the Minister of Education of Penza explained.

In turn, the governor stressed that it is necessary to deal with the issue, because if such cases occur it means that teachers, heads of schools and the Ministry of Education do not work properly.

In his view, it is also necessary to improve the skills of teachers and psychologists, to adapt their knowledge to the conditions of life.

“Occupation of children. We built a lot of sites – cultural, sports, social and others, huge amount of money was allocated from the budget. Today we bear costs for their maintenance. They should be constantly functioning. […] They should be full of children. Then, they will spend less time on the Internet,” the head of the region added.

He also instructed to check the information, which he read on the Internet, that allegedly the head of school No. 70 Evgeny Vybornov said that if the tragedy occurred outside the school, he had no relation to it.

“If that’s true. Please see into the matter and then report to me. […] If it’s true, then he should be preparing for well-deserved rest,” Ivan Belozertsev said.

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