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Violations of food storage conditions revealed in “Eurospar” supermarket

11:47 | 28.10.2016 | Society


Penza, 28 October 2016. PenzaNews. Violations of food storage conditions were identified by customers in the supermarket “Eurospar” on Prospekt Stroiteley street in Penza, which started its work after the renovation on October 25.

Violations of food storage conditions revealed in “Eurospar” supermarket

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In particular, in the trading hall on top of the refrigerator display case, rather than in it, there were placed products that could be purchased for only 50% of the cost: smoked sausages “Klassicheskie” under the brand name “Yadrenaya kopot” and “Molochnaya starodvorskaya” sausage.

According to the description given on the label, the shelf life of sausages is 20 days at temperature from 0 to +6C and relative humidity up to 75%.

The shelf life of sausage at the same temperature and humidity is 45 days.

To the left of the encounter next to the alcoholic products in “Eurospar” supermarket there was cooked smoked sausage “Servelat klassichesky” under the brand name “Generalskie kolbasy” in the promotion package “two for the price of one.” The shelf life of this sausage product is no more than 30 days with the similar temperature conditions.

Noticing the violations of meat products’ storage conditions, one of the customers asked the seller to explain why the products are not in the cold store. Hearing the complaint, the woman behind the counter recommended referring the matter to Nizhny Novgorod – to the central office of Spar Middle Volga company.

The buyer was not satisfied with the response, and he demanded to send for the administrator who happened to be absent because his workday was over. At the cash register they said that the senior cashier Tatiana Gordeeva was in the supermarket and she was competent to deal with these issues.

Together with the buyer they came up to the counter where the sausages were lying. First, the senior cashier tried to convince the man that in the trading hall – in the place where these sausages are stored – the temperature was zero. After a pause in the conversation that occurred due to the absurdity of the assertion, during which they looked into each other’s eyes, Tatiana Gordeeva admitted that storage conditions of the products were violated. Looking over the buyer again she assured him that the products will be immediately removed from the counter.

However, 20 minutes later it did not happen. As a result the buyer, whose actions attracted attention of other supermarket customers, who also got interested in labels with storage conditions, had to turn to another cashier again with the request to invite Tatiana Gordeeva. Answering to the question why the products were still on top of the refrigerator case but not inside it she said that she had not yet had time to give the corresponding instructions.

The buyer insisted that the senior cashier should give necessary instructions but before it he suggested going to the counter with the Eurospar’s own products. There, he drew Tatiana Gordeeva’s attention to two village pies with strawberries.

According to the information on the label, both the pies were made 15 days ago – October 12, 2016, with the shelf life of 5 days at temperature from +2 to +6C.

Answering to the question why the products, which shelf life expired 10 days ago, were on the counter, Tatiana Gordeeva said that it could be due to a printing mistake. She also reminded that the shop opened 2 days ago and, in her view, there can be no tainted products.

An employee of the trading hall, named Mariam, was walking by and decided to help the colleague in the difficult situation. She offered the buyer to open the pie and smell it to make sure that the product was fresh. The man refused saying that he doubts the necessity of such actions as he has no intention to buy expired products.

The buyer also asked what is going to happen with the two pies. Tatiana Gordeeva replied that the labels will be reprinted and the pies will be back to the counter. The buyer ironically suggested that, following that logic, such actions can be performed with any expired products, but the number of customers in the supermarket “Eurospar” may significantly decrease and the medical help sought with food poisoning, on the contrary, increase.

By this time, another seller of the hall reluctantly started to remove the meat products to the refrigerator showcase. Tatiana Gordeeva thanked the buyer for his attention to the storage conditions and his civic position.

Walking to the cash register through the chilled meat department, the buyer paid attention to the offer for the sale of broiler chickens. The price was crossed and there was indicated the new one, but both the prices were the same.

“What a good offer! I must have it!” he thought but he did not buy anything.

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