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Action against animal abusers gathers over 80 people in Penza

19:55 | 05.11.2016 | Society


Penza, 5 November 2016. PenzaNews. More than 80 people took part in the action against animal abusers, held in Dzerzhinsky public garden in Penza on Saturday evening, November 5.

Action against animal abusers gathers over 80 people in Penza

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A significant part of them was students and school pupils. Not only residents of the region gathered for the mass event.

The protesters held posters with slogans “No to animal abusers! Today – dogs, tomorrow – your children!,” “No to cruelty!,” “Zarechny against cruelty! Khabarovsk, our sympathies are with you!” and others. Some people brought food for animals, which later is planned to be given to shelters.

During the campaign, the activists erected a kind of a memorial with photos of tortured cats and dogs, which were tied with a black mourning ribbon, and lit candles in front of them. In addition, green ribbons were tied around sleeves of those who gathered.

To attract attention of passers-by, young people handed out leaflets with information about the event.

Participants of the event, as well as Penza residents walking by were offered to sign several petitions – for reconsideration of responsibility for cruelty to animals and introduction of the corresponding amendments to the Art. 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, for the maximum punishment to young female residents of Khabarovsk, who posted video of abusing cats and dogs on the Internet, as well as transferring criminal proceedings of the matter from the regional criminal investigation division to the Investigative Committee of Russia to the capital city.

The collection of signature is planned to be continued in the future.

In addition, the gathered people recorded a video message to residents of Ufa, where a similar protest is planned on Sunday, November 6. The message said that they hand the baton to Ufa residents.

Then, the indifferent Penza residents recorded a video snippet, which should become a part of the movie shot by protesters against animal abusers all over Russia. The text was first pronounced in Russian, then in English.

According to the organizer of the action Liliya Malandina, facts of cruelty to animals, which took place before, did not cause such wide resonance because they were not shared so widely on the Internet.

She expressed confidence that such actions will be carried out until they produce a real effect and allow achieving desired objectives.

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