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Court for intellectual property rights confirms that Alexander Tuzov breaks law

19:27 | 09.11.2016 | Society


Penza, 9 November 2016. PenzaNews. The court for intellectual property rights confirmed that the individual entrepreneur Alexander Tuzov, who also positions himself as a Penza political scientist, broke the law and used on his website 35 photos of PenzaNews agency. The man have already paid to the rightholder, LLC VolgaInterMedia, almost 300.000 rubles.

Court for intellectual property rights confirms that Alexander Tuzov breaks law

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During the meeting which took place in Moscow on Wednesday, November 9, the judge Natalia Rassomagina resolved to leave the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Penza region and the resolution of the appeals instance unchanged, besides she also turned down both cassational appeals of the parties.

Thus, the claimant requested to increase the compensation amount twice, and the entrepreneur Alexander Tuzov – to cancel the indictments, passed before, as illegal.

Commenting on the results of the trial, the president of LLC VolgaInterMedia Ivan Malikov says that he is generally satisfied with the decision taken by the judge Natalia Rassomagina, however, it is important to wait for the full text of the document for its detailed study.

The president of LLC VolgaInterMedia Ivan Malikov

“The Court of the Cassation Appeal, which was already the third one, confirmed: the individual entrepreneur Alexander Vladislavovich Tuzov, former Federal Security Service officer, broke the law. I am happy that the fact that Tuzov had broken the law was recognized by the courts in Penza, Samara and now in Moscow. It is a stain on his reputation, on his biography and on him. It will remain on him forever. Everyone knows now and everyone should remember: Alexander Vladislavovich Tuzov is capable of using other people’s photos illegally. Let him remember about it as well. That is why if anyone has the apprehension that his objects of copyright were appropriated by Tuzov, I urge you to turn to the court without any doubts. The court, as our year practice on Tuzov’s case shows, works and defends rightholders’ interests. That is the main point,” Ivan Malikov said.

Speaking about the refusal of the cassation to increase the compensation amount twice, he assumed that “it fits the governmental conception of the destitute and low-income groups right protection”.

“In the court Tuzor several times claimed that banners on his website are unreal and he doesn't get any income from them. In addition, Tuzov is a retired man and the government pays him pension. He always pleaded that he doesn’t earn much and that he needs to feed his family and so on. Our state protected and will continue protecting such “destitute” citizens regardless of whether they live in a cottage in Akhuny as if at a resort or not,” he explained.

Besides, Ivan Malikov added that the full stop in the Tuzov’s case will be put only when the retired-entrepreneur pays the court costs which will be calculated in the nearest time.

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