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Measures on liquidation of illegal disposal dump in Zarya do not bring results

11:54 | 13.11.2016 | Society


Penza, 13 November 2016. PenzaNews. The measures taken to liquidate an illegal disposal dump in the Zarya area in Penza did not bring any visible result. This the mayor Victor Kuvaytsev concluded after he visited the place on Sunday, November 13.

Measures on liquidation of illegal disposal dump in Zarya do not bring results

Photo: Penza-gorod.ru

He noticed that a part of dump was removed but unconscionable citizens continue to dispose building wastes and other types of wastes.

“We made arrangements with the department of State Defence, the department of Emergency and the Oktyabrsky area administration to place an information board with a warning about administrative liability to those who violate the rules,” Victor Kuvaytsev expressed his dissatisfaction.

He highlighted that it is important to organize regular watching in the area.

“As soon as we organize control, people will start bringing their wastes to specially designed grounds,” the head of the Penza administration said.

As it was reported by the press service of the mayor’s office, when Victor Kuvaytsev was inspecting the territory of the neighbourhood under construction he noted that the weather conditions let contracting organizations intensily build up apartment blocks under the dilapidated housing resettlement program,as well as take care of the surrounding territories improvement.

Thus, at present development of a parking zone near Novoselov Street is being conducted.

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