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“Vysshaya liga 2.0” team wins 2nd Intellectual Tournament of Business Magazine in Penza

12:26 | 03.12.2016 | Society


Penza, 3 December 2016. PenzaNews. “Vysshaya liga” team won the 2nd Intellectual Tournament of Business Magazine, which took place in the Penza Lunacharsky Regional Drama Theatre on Friday, December 2.

“Vysshaya liga 2.0” team wins 2nd Intellectual Tournament of Business Magazine in Penza

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Members of the team took part in the intellectual fight similar to “Chto? Gde? Kogda?” game. These were the financial analyst Dmitry Matveev, the deep drilling engineer at the oil-loading terminal “Geotek” Dmitry Skopintsev, the freelance artist Ilya Sekaro, the photographer Iliya Melekhin, the programmer developer Sergei Mitroshin and the director of the extreme sports shop “Boardshop58” Vladimir Maslov, the head of the team.

The winners excelled the team “Cherepakha” and the winners of “Clever and beautiful” tournament held in 2015, headed by the business consultant and the development director of LLC “Vizit” Eduard Kondratyev and Anton Kupryushyn respectively.

The leading group was followed by the teams “Adepty Oma” and “Vtoraya drEvneyshaya”, which received equal number of points. The captains of the teams were the specialist expert of the Ministry of Construction of the Penza region Yana Sheburova and the editor-in-chief of the Internet medium “Penza-Press” Alexander Polyakov.

“Yezhy” team headed by the deputy minister, the head of the informational support department of the Ministry of Industry of the Penza region Alexei Kostin, was less successful.

The best expert of the tournament, according to an SMS-voting, became Larisa Kuzmina, who received a smartphone in addition to the title.

According to Vladimir Maslov, the team “Vysshaya liga 2.0” managed to win because it consisted of specialists from different fields who had already taken part in such tournaments.

Answering to the question of the PenzaNews correspondent, if the team is going to take part in the 3rd intellectual tournament, he explained that it depends on whether the team is able to gather as some participants are often absent from Penza.

“In December our team will take part in several other tournaments, so – it is quite possible. We are set on playing. It is interesting, it develops the brain, and we think it is useful for a person,” the interlocutor noted.

At the same time, the editor of the Penza “Business magazine” Evgeny Manuylov promised that the tournament will continue and next year “it is going to be magnificent”.

“Of course, I am grateful to the participants – especially to those who trained, studied and contributed to our project – to Vladimir Maslov, who was invited, by the way, as far back as last year,” he said.

According to the famous journalist, publicist and repeated winner of the show Anatoly Vasserman, who became a special guest of the 2nd Intellectual Tournament of Business Magazine, the level of the participants’ preparation is rather high.

“Of course, being unable to see properly what is going and not hearing the minute of discussion, it is hard to judge, but I think it is important to notice that the teams dealt with rather difficult questions, as I see it. Thus, I suppose that if such tournaments take place more often, the teams will soon be able to participate in contests of greater scale showing good results,” he emphasized.

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