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News agency PenzaNews the most quoted mass media in Penza region according to Yandex

13:38 | 05.12.2016 | Society


Penza, 5 December 2016. PenzaNews. The news agency PenzaNews proved its leadership in the news segment having become the most quoted mass media in the Penza region according to the Yandex company.

News agency PenzaNews the most quoted mass media in Penza region according to Yandex

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At the present moment, PenzaNews occupies the 101st position in the rating of the highly quoted Russian language news portals taking the lead over the news agency “Voronezh” and being behind such famous agencies as “KomiInforn” and “SaratovBusinessConsulting”.

As the media market experts who observe the rating changes note, Yandex made essential adjustments towards decrease of points number during the latest update of the citation index, which took place on December 3, 2016. Most of websites underwent such “denomination”.

Thus, even federal media lost several thousand points at once. The Rossiyskaya Gazeta governmental newspaper, which was the leader of the latest rating created in September, became second to the Internet newspaper “Lenta.ru”.

The Izvestia newspaper, which used to have almost unreachable 37,000 points, got only modest 22,000 points after the update. “Gazeta.ru”, which creates the image of Penza reporting only about car accidents and incidents, lost 9,000 points and now has 24,000 points instead of 33,000 in the past.

Even though, according to Yandex, the Penza Internet media citation index also decreased during three autumn months, it did not influence the real results of the informational impact within the common trend towards decrease.

The leading position among the Penza region media in these conditions is occupied by the independent news agency PenzaNews, which scored 1,800 points.

The second place with the citation index of 1,500 points is occupied by the agency “Penza-press”, which is a part of the media holding “Express” controlled by the regional government. Now it occupies the 134th position in the news agencies rating, and earlier it was 128th.

The pro-government news website “Penzenskaya pravda” received the same number of points – 1,500 – but it belongs to the group “Publishing houses”, where the competition is not as tense as in “News agencies” group.

Taking this into account, the website “PenzaInform”, which is not officially registered and is associated with the TV and Radio Company “Nash Dom”, occupies the 4th position in the Penza rating and practically closes “the big three” of leaders. Now it occupies the 139th position in the news agencies rating, and earlier it was 130th.

Thematic Citation Index (TIC) is a technology employed by Yandex to determine the credibility of Internet resources in a quantitative output, based on the quality of links from other websites rather than quality.

TIC is calculated using a proprietary algorithm that takes into account thematic content of the resource and the linking sites.

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