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Court decision in case of ice block fall on car in Sputnik City comes into effect

12:48 | 07.12.2016 | Society


Penza, 7 December 2016. PenzaNews. The resident of Sputnik City near Penza received more than 81,000 rubles in the court action against the municipal service after an ice block fell on her car from a house roof.

Court decision in case of ice block fall on car  in Sputnik City comes into effect

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“In her report, the woman stated that on December 1, 2015, she discovered an ice block, which fell down from the roof, on the bonnet of her Kia Spectra car parked next to the 1st entrance of 13, Raduzhnaya street in the village Zasechny, which resulted in mechanical damages of the car,” the press secretary of the Penza regional court Natalia Bychenkova told PenzaNews.

According to her, the municipal service of Sputnik City stated that they were not guilty of what happened and refused to pay the compensation.

“When the car received the damages, the claimant was in an advanced stage of pregnancy. She also has an under-age child, and she vitally needed the car. As it was impossible to use it due to the front window broken into small pieces, she had to rent a car to drive children to school and kindergarten. The claimant asked the court to exact from the defendant the compensation of the material loss, the moral damage, the court fees, and the costs of the car rent,” the interlocutor explained.

Natalia Bychenkova noted that the representative of the defendant admitted the claim about the compensation of the material loss and the court fees, but he asked to dismiss the demands connected with the car rent and compensation of the moral damage.

“When it comes to the costs connected with the car rent, the claimant did not give the proof of their necessity. The school and the kindergarten are located not far from the house. Moreover, the family has the other car, which is registered in the name of her husband. Finally, the Penza regional court exacted in the woman’s favour the costs of the car repair – 62,734 rubles, the court fees – 3,328 rubles, and the legal bills – 15,000 rubles. The other part of the action was dismissed. The woman did not agree with the court decision and made an appeal that was not answered. The court decision came into effect,” the press secretary summed up.

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