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Court to return to considering application for charging Tuzov with almost 200,000 rubles on January 16

13:58 | 19.12.2016 | Society


Penza, 19 December 2016. PenzaNews. The arbitration court of the Penza region will return to considering the application on charging Alexander Tuzov, who had to pay LLC VolgaInterMedia about 300,000 rubles for the illegal use of PenzaNews photos, with almost 200,000 rubles of court fees.

Court to return to considering application for charging Tuzov with almost 200,000 rubles on January 16

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During the first hearing, which took place on Monday, December 19, the court considered the issue of establishing the service fee of the lawyer Igor Schebunyaev because the main expenses were connected with drawing up the protocol of the defender’s website examination in order to provide evidences. All of them were submitted to the court during the Tuzov’s case hearing.

The judge Svetlana Novikova agreed to the fact that drawing up protocols was a necessary measure for the claimant who turned to the arbitration court in order to protect his legal rights and interests.

In turn, Alexander Tuzov insisted that the cost of the services provided by the lawyer is too high and asked to lower it considerably pointing to the fact that some protocols were paid by the claimant in cash.

The president of LLC VolgaInterMedia Ivan Malikov, who was present at the hearing, drew the court’s attention to the fact that he could not influence the total sum of the lawyer services fee, even though he asked about the possibility to be given a discount because of the greater volume.

He also emphasized the fact that by paying in cash he acted for the benefit of the organization and that all the important documents were drawn up correctly in accordance with the existing law and submitted for the court’s consideration.

In addition, Ivan Malikov noted that he still did not receive the defendant’s comment on his application that contains protests, which is a sign of negligent behaviour.

As a result, the judge Svetlana Novikova decided to request Igor Schebunyaev’s notary journal.

Consideration of the application for charging Alexander Tuzov with the court fees will continue in the next year.

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