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Penza residents asked to buy fir trees at legal markets

11:43 | 22.12.2016 | Society


Penza, 22 December 2016. PenzaNews. The mayor’s office asked Penza residents to buy conifer trees only at legal fir tree markets because of the appearance of a number of illegal trade sites in the city.

Penza residents asked to buy fir trees at legal markets

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“Buying a tree it is important to ask documents on the origin of the trees – the shipping document, the cutting permit, as well as the agreement with the city administration that allows placing a non-stationary trade facility,” the press service of the mayor’s office reports.

The Penza administration also reminded the rules of how to choose a conifer tree.

“The fir tree that was recently delivered has flexible bright green needles, which are hard to break if pressed. If a conifer tree was cut long ago, its branches are dry and lifeless, they fall off easily and become less attractive. Needles must be oily when rubbed and have nice conifer smell. If it is not like this, the tree is either old or diseased. It is also important to check the tree for mould,” the press service noted.

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