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Penza governor answers children’s questions

15:58 | 24.12.2016 | Society


Penza, 24 December 2016. PenzaNews. The governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev answered children’s questions during the meeting in the Penza Lunacharsky Regional Drama Theatre on Saturday, December 24.

Penza governor answers children’s questions

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30 small residents of the region and their parents came to the event, the first one in such a format, at the threshold of New Year. They were selected out of more than 100 participants.

Before the event began, the guests were told that the governor will be able to answer not only the questions that were asked in advance but other questions as well. However, when Ivan Belozertsev appeared in the hall, some of those present got confused so much that they forgot the words prepared in advance.

Most of the children had private questions to the governor – about his childhood, attitude to these or those things. Several people told him an invented situation and asked what he would do if he got into it.

One of the small Penza residents asked Ivan Belozertsev if he believes in miracles.

“I believe in miracle and I understand that it happens only if a person works a lot,” the governor answered adding that any achievement is the result of hard work.

Moreover, the children were interested if the governor of the Penza region believes in Grandfather Frost. In response, Ivan Belozertsev shared his memories.

“Grandfather Frost always brought me presents before New Year. […] Once I asked Grandfather Frost to bring me skis – we had places where we could sledge and go skiing. I wrote a letter to him, my mother helped me to send it. I did so. Three days before New Year I woke up, went to sentsy, as we call it, and saw nice new skis. I was so happy! Since that time I believe in Grandfather Frost,” the head of the region confessed.

He added that Grandfather Frost fulfils wishes of only kind children who study well, work hard and help their parents.

At the meeting, Ivan Belozertsev was also asked what must be done in order to become a governor.

The governor answered that it is important to be a patriot to begin with.

In addition, the children asked if Penza streets will be named after famous sportsmen – the gymnast Denis Ablyazin, the Olympic diving champion Yulia Pakhalina, and the hockey player Alexander Gerasimov.

The governor noted that many streets had already been named after famous personalities who made the region famous and as for those who were mentioned, they “have the whole life ahead”.

“It is not enough to become an Olympic champion to have a street named after you. You should do a lot, work hard during the life, teach children when you grow older, share your knowledge and experience, work for the benefit of the people of Penza and the Penza region,” Ivan Belozertsev explained.

Most of the questions were asked by children from Penza, Vadinsk and Serdobsk.

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