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Throne made of ice appears in centre of Penza

11:00 | 16.01.2017 | Society


Penza, 16 January 2017. PenzaNews. The masters Andrei Kozlov and Alexei Kolobov created an ice throne near the art-club "Lampovaya golova" in Gladkova street in Penza.

Throne made of ice appears in centre of Penza

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The transparent construction represents a throne, the back of which is made in the form of a light bulb – the symbol of the establishment. On either side of the throne, the masters created ice tools, and the words "art" and "club".

The construction is placed on a pedestal with steps and is illuminated with green light at night. The throne is separated from the road by the ice barrier.

According to the "Lampovaya golova" founder Oleg Mertvischev, after the possible variants and the sketch were discussed with the masters, they managed to come to agreement quite fast and started the work.

Olga Udalova, Andrei Kozlov's wife, who coordinates creation of ice figures, explained that the masters began to create such figures about 3 years ago, but previously their works were demonstrated to citizens of other cities.

"The idea came to us after we saw a story about a wonderful ice city. We wanted it to be possible to see such miracle in Penza. Why the throne? I think that only few people will refuse to feel like a king or a queen and to have a souvenir photo," the interlocutor said.

She explained that the ice for the sculpture was taken from the Sura river, and preliminary testing works were conducted.

According to Olga Udalova, the ice plates were brought to the place and the masters created the unusual for Penza art object within three days.

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