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Students day in Penza State University celebrated with mead, quizzes and hockey match in valenki

15:32 | 25.01.2017 | Society


Penza, 25 January 2017. PenzaNews. The rector of Penza State University Alexander Gulyakov personally treated pancakes and mead to representatives of the university during the mass celebration on the day of students in Russia, and Sberbank representatives raffled memorable prizes in the financial quiz.

Students day in Penza State University celebrated with mead, quizzes and hockey match in valenki

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Before the start of the event, the people, gathered in front of building No. 1, were greeted by jesters brought to the place of celebration by quad bikes.

At the same time, drivers made a short but impressive performance by showing drift driving to the viewers several metres away from them.

After that, the rector of Penza State University delivered an opening speech.

"It is easy to guess that you are our successors. Today you are students, tomorrow you will become specialists, the day after tomorrow - heads of large industrial enterprises and organizations, politicians, prominent scientists, great people," he said.

Alexander Gulyakov congratulated students as well as all Tatyanas on the holiday.

Announcing the treat to mead, the rector urged young people to be restrained.

"As Peter I used to say - drink it in small quantities not to break your head," he warned.

In turn, the head of the Penza main department of Sberbank Marina Dementyeva congratulated representatives of Penza State University and noted that the day of students in Russia is an international holiday.

"It is a holiday for everyone because we all studied once, and even now we continue to study, I think it is impossible to imagine our future without studying," she said.

Marina Dementyeva presented Alexander Gulyakov with a certificate for the book collection that includes 70 volumes from the Sberbank library.

She also presented 10 certificates for the electronic library so that students and teachers can distantly read useful publications.

After that the teams "Condensed milk - Vagrants", "Histphil - Courage", "Snow wolves", "Adrenaline", and "Record" reported to the rector on the readiness to go to an agitation hiking trip around the Penza region, and showed a dancing performance.

The first amusement after the end of the official part was the game "Stream", in which Alexander Gulyakov took part. Foreign students watched what was going on with special interest and tried to capture everything on their mobile phone cameras.

The bravest people could try climbing a wooden post and to get a barrel of honey. Several brave young men managed to do it and received joyful shouts and applause of the spectators.

Many students did not lose the opportunity to try themselves in a pillow fight on a log and in dart throwing.

Sberbank prepared a quiz for those who prefer intellectual entertainment. For example, students were asked to answer the questions, in what year the largest kopeck was issued, and how much money was on the first saving account. Participants received souvenirs for the right answers.

The culmination of the mass celebration became a friendly match in ball hockey in valenki, which featured the team "Rangers" headed by the student of the faculty of computer science Alexander Bespalov and the team headed by the rector Alexander Gulyakov.

Before the game, the opponents noted that they do not intend to make concessions and are set to win.

The match was tense - not without falls and dangerous moments. Thus, Alexander Gulyakov injured his knee and had to leave his team for several minutes. As a result, the rector's team failed to repeat the success of the previous year. The friendly match finished with the score 5 to 3 for "Rangers".

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