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Governor congratulates citizens on 78th anniversary of Penza region

09:05 | 04.02.2017 | Society


Penza, 4 February 2017. PenzaNews. The governor Ivan Belozertsev congratulated citizens on the 78th anniversary of the Penza region, which is celebrated on Saturday, February 4.

Governor congratulates citizens on 78th anniversary of Penza region

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"The chronicle of our region has a lot of heroic pages and names that glorified Russia. Since the time of Catherine II, who signed the decree on the Penza vicegerency formation on September 15, 1780, Penza is famous for its rich traditions, hospitality of its inhabitants and generosity of the native land," he noted.

Ivan Belozertsev noted that hard work, knowledge and experience of the people make the region successful and fast-growing.

"I am sure that together we will be able to cope with all social and economic challenges and to make a great contribution to the development of the dear Penza region! I wish you health, peace, family well-being, and success in all undertakings!" the press service of the regional government quotes the Ivan Belozertsev.

The Penza region was formed on February 4, 1939, by the decree of the presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Until that time, Penza was a regional centre of the Tambov region.

When the Penza region was formed it included: the city of Penza, the Bashmakovsky, Bednodemyanovsky, Bessonovsky, Bolshe-Vyaccky, Golitsynsky, Golovoschensky, Gorodischensky, Zametchinsky, Issinsky, Kamensky, Kerensky, Kondolsky, Luninsky, Mokshansky, Narovchatsky, Nizhne-Lomovsky, Pachelmsky, Poimsky, Svischevsky, Sosedsky, Teleginsky, Ternovsky, Chembarsky, and Shemysheysky areas from the Tambov region; the Baranovsky, Kameshkirsky, Kuznetsky, Litvinovsky, Neverkinsky, Nikolaevsky, Nikolo-Pestrovsky areas from the Kuybysheva region; the Bekovsky, Danilovsky, Kolysheysky, Lopatinsky, Malo-Serdobinsky, Serdobsky, and Tamalinsky areas from the Saratov region.

On January 19, 1943, the Baranovsky and Nikolayevsky areas entered the newly formed Ulyanovsk region.

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