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Penza Communists celebrate Soviet Army Day with public rally near Glory to Heroes monument

13:46 | 23.02.2017 | Society


Penza, 23 February 2017. PenzaNews. Over 80 members and supporters of CPRF took part in the public rally dedicated to the Soviet Army and Fleet Day on Tuesday, February 23, held near the Glory to Heroes monument on Thursday, February 23.

Penza Communists celebrate Soviet Army Day with public rally near Glory to Heroes monument

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Those present – mostly elderly people – held carnations. It could be seen that many of them were sincerely glad to meet with old friends.

Major (Retd.) Victor Pervun, CPRF activists, by tradition recalled the might of the Soviet Army for the crowd.

"It was a national army, though called worker-peasant, because no other country had such respect and piety to the armed forces. It became an army of fraternal friendship. It was an army without demarcation between rank and file and commanding officers," he said.

In turn, the first secretary of the Penza district committee of CPRF Sergei Iliev drew attention to the relationships between Russia and Ukraine that have been existing during the last several years.

"Now, people opened their eyes and started to understand that the collapse of the Soviet Union is not simply the greatest geopolitical catastrophy but also a tragedy for millions of people, our Slavic brothers," he noted.

The leader of Penza communists, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the region Georgy Kamnev was among those who turned to the people present speaking about the consequences of renaming the national holiday.

"Being renamed, the holiday received a different meaning. Defender's Day. Who are the defenders? They are those who still confront all claims of liberalism, fascism, and other ideas aimed at the destruction of our country," the leader of Penza communists said.

When the rally was over, participants laid flowers to the Glory to Heroes monument.

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