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Residents of Akhuny ask Penza mayor's office to return to solving issue of unauthorized acquisition of land

09:27 | 03.03.2017 | Society


Penza, 3 March 2017. PenzaNews. Residents of the village Akhuny, who already turned to the PenzaNews editorial staff on the issue of unauthorized acquisition of land in a resort area, ask Penza administration to return to solving this issue and to take strict measures against the violators, who illegally increased the territory of their land by enclosing it.

Residents of Akhuny ask Penza mayor's office to return to solving issue of unauthorized acquisition of land

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Residents are angry the most about a private housing estate located at 9B Spartakovskaya street, Penza, where according to publicly available data, individual entrepreneur Alexander Tuzov is registered. Like a year ago, at present a part of a two-storeyed cottage and a massive stone-metal fence are located outside the territory of the land plot that legally belongs to the owner.

In an interview with a PenzaNews journalist people agreed to describe once again what the problem is and to provide many copies of documents that, according to the people, undoubtedly prove the fact of the unauthorized acquisition of municipal land in a prestigious neighbourhood where a market price of one Are equals to about 100,000 rubles.

However, people asked journalists not to reveal their names. The residents fear that Alexander Tuzov, who is an ex-officer of the Federal Security Service and a mass medium owner, might start a dirty information campaign and resort to intimidating people, which may even include physical abuse and damage to property.

Among the documents that PenzaNews received there were papers signed by officials who worked in the Penza administration at the beginning of the 2000s. For example, there was a document based on the law "Concerning the status of servicemen" on presenting a plot of land with the area of 433 square metres within the "borders defined by land surveying", as well as relatively new documents – dated April, 2016. The latest documents clearly state the fact of unauthorized acquisition of the land plot. The area at the resort territory that was acquired illegally equals to almost 2 Ares as it is shown on the plan.

In addition, local population says that in the end of 2016 Alexander Tuzov lost a lawsuit against the Penza administration [the land claim was initiated by him] and in February 2017, the court of appeal left the decision unchanged.

As it follows from materials of the case, the claimant asked the mayor's office to make changes in right stating documents on the land plot in the village Akhuny located within the zone that has specific terms of use and is registered in the state immovable property cadastre as the second zone of sanitary control of mineral water deposits in Penza. According to the current legislation, in such territory it is forbidden to place facilities and buildings that are not connected with creation and development of the branch of health resort treatment and recreation.

"The fact that there is a part of the house that by the legislation belongs to A.V. Tuzov does not show the illegality of the judicial act since Tuzov requested the area much bigger than the one occupied by the house belonging to him," the appellate decision states.

According to the local people, they were shocked by the fact that Alexander Tuzov turned to court to say nothing of the false statements about an alleged legitimized land plot made by the man.

"He says it to everyone that all his property was legitimatized long ago and that his grave-like house has all required documents with stamps and signatures. He says everything is fine. Why did he turn to court then? Did he simply want to improve his skills of a claimant? It is a bald lie and a nonsense! But two courts trusted him! The building and the fence should be demolished, let they go to hell," one of the Akhuny residents expressed her dissatisfaction in an emotional way.

Moreover, local people are extremely indignant about the fact that due to the decision of the Penza City Duma as of 2005, the owner of the land plot was exempted from taxes.

People also wonder why the violator was not found administratively liable and the terms of the issued prescriptions are prolonged if the fact of the unauthorized acquisition of the land had been proved by an investigation held by the Federal Agency for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography. According to them, they completely fail to understand why the authorities do not take measures in this situation but provide preferences to the "land usurper" instead.

PenzaNews already sent an editorial request to the deputy head of the Penza administration on land and urban issues asking her to give answers to the problem outlined by the residents.

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