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New junctions opened on M5 highway at entrance to Penza from Saratov direction

17:00 | 04.04.2017 | Society


Penza, 4 April 2017. PenzaNews. The organization of road traffic on the federal highway M5 "Ural" at the entrance to Penza from the direction of Saratov underwent changes.

New junctions opened on M5 highway at entrance to Penza from Saratov direction

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Traffic flows were optimized thanks to newly constructed junctions, road sections and a bridge.

At present, it is hard for drivers to orientate themselves because road signs were not installed yet.

Now it is forbidden to make a left turn while going from the direction of Samara to Moscow at the section along large letters that form the word "Penza" – to the road that used to lead to the "Akhuny crossing" and then to Shuist. It was decided to introduce one-way traffic at this road section and now it is only allowed here to drive from Penza to the highway – in the direction of the Montazhny village.

Drivers have a choice: they can either go straight the road – towards the capital, or turn to the right in order to get to the road that leads to Penza – in the direction of "Akhunsky crossing".

Changes can also be noticed by drivers who go along the M5 highway from the direction of Moscow. Now, in order to get to Penza they do not have to drive to the gas filling station. They can use a junction that allows making a right turn and getting to the road leading to the Shuist area.

In addition, thanks to the innovations residents of Penza and Zarechny can comfortably get to the highway leading to Moscow.

They can do so by making a left turn before the gas filling station while driving from the direction of "Akhuny crossing".

It is supposed that the new traffic scheme will affect the number of gas filling station clients. Since now, it will be used by drivers who go from Penza in the direction of the highway leading to Samara.

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