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Deputy suggests cancelling busses in evenings

16:31 | 12.04.2017 | Society


Penza, 12 April 2017. PenzaNews. The head of the transportation company “Dilizhans”, the deputy of the Penza City Duma Andrei Fomin, who belongs to the “United Russia” faction, suggested reducing the time of high-capacity buses running.

Deputy suggests cancelling busses in evenings

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“A bus carries passengers for 18 rubles per ticket. A trolleybus transports passengers for 17 rubles but at the same time it receives a margin from the city budget for each sold ticket taking into account that the ticket price for the city budget costs 33 rubles,” he said during the meeting of the permanent City Duma commission on social and economic development, industry, transportation, communications and entrepreneurship that was held on Wednesday, April 12.

The deputy drew attention to the fact that trolleybuses run from 6.00 to 21.30, while buses – to 23.00.

“The ticket price is an equal burden for all passengers irrespective of when they use the vehicle. It turns out that those 2-3 persons who travel by bus in the evening steal money of their fellow citizens, city residents who stay at home lying on a sofa or doing other things,” Andrei Fomin explained.

According to him, if evening buses are cancelled, passengers will not be affected as buses are 80-90% duplicated by fixed-run taxis.

“Citizens will not suffer damage,” the deputy emphasized.

Andrei Fomin also reported that the net cost of one passenger transportation by bus in the evening is higher than that by taxi.

"With all due respect to residents of the city, passenger transportations should not turn into a high-capacity taxi during the late evening," the head of the company "Dilizhans" said.

He continued talking on the topic mentioning the environmental issue.

“When solar oil is burnt all products of the reaction get into the atmosphere of our city which results in spread of dust. All this happens because of only one or two people who are carried,” Andrei Fomin noted.

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