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Penza conscripts sent off to army with formal ceremony

13:27 | 16.05.2017 | Society


Penza, 16 May 2017. PenzaNews. The military patriotic campaign "The Conscript Day" dedicated to sending young people off to the army was held at the Penza region meeting area on Tuesday, May 16.

Penza conscripts sent off to army with formal ceremony

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The event started with reading out the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about a call to military service.

Turning to those present the vice governor of the Penza region Valery Savin noted that the following year will pass very quickly for the young people but it will leave indelible memories for a lifetime.

"You will get all necessary skills for protection of our country as well as skills for your future life, which you will need when you become older and return to civil life," the vice governor emphasized.

The Penza human rights ombudsman Elena Rogova also turned to the people present noting that citizens of the Penza region had always served in the army with honour.

"Follow army rules, respect and support each other. This will raise your credibility and prestige of service in the Russian army. At present, maximum effort is made to respect rights and freedoms of man and citizen in the armed forces," she added.

Elena Rogova noted that each conscripts will receive a "Recruit's manual", which lists addresses and phone numbers of organizations that can be contacted if necessary.

In turn, Vladimir Kerkhanadzhev, veteran of the Battle for Stalingrad and the Battle of Kursk, honorary citizen of Penza wished the recruits to achieve good results in the service and to become good at dealing with military equipment.

"I wish you to come back to your parents and, especially, to your girlfriends safe and sound," the veteran noted.

The acting head of Penza Ivan Krasnov expressed confidence that the army will become a good school of life for the recruits.

"Remember, dear friends, that you will defend your family, friends and the whole country. I wish you good health, good service and happy return home," he noted.

The head of the regional public organization "Soldier's Mother" Lyudmila Plyatseva wished young people to find new friends on the service.

"I wish you to bring back in a year the kindest things you will get during the service, and we will wait for you," she added.

Then, workers of the federal national guard troops service of the Penza region demonstrated fighting techniques to those present and at the end of the event five recruits-orphans received mobile phones as a present.

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