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"Motospring" in Penza unites bikers from several regions of Russia and neighbouring countries

11:20 | 21.05.2017 | Society


Penza, 21 May 2017. PenzaNews. The festival "Motospring VII", which was held in the territory of the sports and recreation camp "Aist" in the Penza village Michurinsky on May 19-21, united over 1,000 bikers from several regions of Russia and neighbouring countries.

"Motospring" in Penza unites bikers from several regions of Russia and neighbouring countries

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In particular, apart from Penza residents, the festival was also attended by participants from Ukraine and remote Russian regions – the Samara, Tambov, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Leningrad and Krasnoyarsk regions as well as from Mordovia and Kamchatka.

Most of the people were motorcyclists but there were also just fans of rock music. Most of the festival participants stayed in tents, which were put up around the camp territory. There were also those who came with their families and children.
On the first day of "Motospring" the audience welcomed the Moscow rock band "LasScala" and the Penza band "Lease Heaven". A special atmosphere reigned during a performance of the band "Troll Bends Fir" from Saint Petersburg. During their concert, the audience sang along with the soloists as well as danced in a ring every now and then.

On the second day of the festival, May 20, there was a general meeting held at the parking near the shopping and entertainment complex "Kollazh". About 50 different motorcycles including customs – significantly altered production models – were lined up in several rows at the ground.

Some time later the people present started to depart in small groups towards the camp "Aist" taking different roads. The process was strictly controlled by traffic police officers.

On Friday and Saturday the guests of the festival could go on a bus excursion to a private museum of motorcycles owned by Igor Korovin and located a short drive from the camp "Aist" in Michurinsky. For a nominal fee, everyone could examine about 60 units of machinery, mainly Soviet ones, take photos and even get in the driver's seat. All visitors' questions were answered by the creator and owner of the museum.

Back in the camp, the traditional concert part alternated with contests. Between performances the audience gathered next to the stage to watch the the competitions. Sometimes, this drew even greater attention of the audience than the performances. For example, on the second day of the festival there were contests for the best motorcycle sound system and the noisiest exhaust. Those who found themselves on the festival in line of duty – EMERCOM officers and medics – also watched what was going on with an interest.

On that day, the audience had a chance to listen to such bands as "The VdroboGuns", "AliceBlue", "Stonehand", "Catharsis", «Black Obelisk» and "Easy dizzi". The theatre "Agni Kai" also showed its performance. Spectacular stunts with fire were supplemented with a salute.

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