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Farewell Bell ceremony takes place in school No. 30

14:54 | 25.05.2017 | Society


Penza, 25 May 2017. PenzaNews. A celebratory assembly of pupils from school No. 30 was held on the occasion of the Farewell Bell ceremony in the sports and recreation complex "Sputnik" in Mira street on Thursday, May 25.

Farewell Bell ceremony takes place in school No. 30

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After the school pupils gathered in the sports complex, they aligned themselves on the flag and listened to the Russian anthem.

The Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev was the first to turn to the school pupils noting that the holiday is celebrated by all school pupils in Russia and that after the Farewell Bell many of them will enter the adult life.

"I am sure that the graduates of school No. 30 will wend their way through life with confidence. [...] This school is one of the best in Penza, it is a school that according to different criteria has a high status in the Russian Federation," he said.

Victor Kuvaytsev particularly emphasized that school No. 30 educates children with disabilities, and praised teachers' skills.

In turn, the director of the school Andrei Dolov turning to the graduates noted that all teachers will be worried and anxious about students' performance in exams, and expressed hope that the school pupils will pass the exams well.

"I would like to wish you that all your dreams come true, that you enter the university, which your soul and heart strive for, and that your wishes coincide with what is possible to make real. And I would like to wish you not to forget your dear school because, I think, the years spent in school bring each person the brightest impressions that remain for the rest of the life. Do not forget your dearest teachers," he specified.

During the ceremony, teachers were awarded with certificates of honour for achievements in pedagogical and educational activities. Letters of gratitude were also presented to the director, teachers, school pupils, members of the parent committee, who were greeted with thunderous applause.

The chairman of the council of the regional public organization "Combat Fraternity" Yuri Krasnov presented certificates "Standard-Bearer of Victory" to school pupils who bore the Victory Banner heading the "Immortal Regiment" column on May 9.

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